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Everthing starts with your brilliant idea and your Vision to become a successful entrepreneur.

Searching for Partners?

Imagine finding the best partners for business and science - combined at the accent | CERN Business Incubation Centre.


accent is one of nine Business Incubation Centres of CERN Technologies within the member states. If we can find a matching of a CERN Technology field with your application, we will connect you CERNs science and technology expertise.

Application process

Send us a short description of your business idea and the selected CERN Technology field by email to: cern(at)accent.at . We will contact you within two weeks with a first feedback. Second step is an invitation to a first personal meeting with the accent representatives to pitch your idea.

Initial CERN Meeting

If your start-up is selected for the BIC Austria we organize a kick-off meeting with selected scientist at CERN in Geneva. This meeting will be accompanied by representatives of the KT Group at CERN and accent. Within a timeframe of appr. 4 weeks an evaluation board meeting will be held to make the final decision if your application will be selected for the BIC Austria program.


As start-up of the BIC Austria you have the fantastic opportunity to profit from the CERN R&D cooperation as well as the positive marketing effect of the CERN technology logo.

What´s provided?

Your accent or AplusB start-up grant can cover the expenses for all travel to CERN and housing in Geneva. CERN will provide the scientific support of 40 consulting hours at no cost to you.


Support in all business and scientific questions/issues by accent and CERN will continue even after you have finished the BIC Austria after a period of 12 month through our alumni support.